Hood- The Covers e.p. free download

Back in January, I was asked by epic 45’s label Wayside and Woodland whether I’d be interested in contributing a cover of a Hood song to an e.p. celebrating Hood’s music. I first got into Hood via their 2001 album ‘Cold House.’ The title of the album is a good indicator to its sound – an ambient almost ghostly piecing together of the remnants of  relationships/history from a building/place, coupled with a wink towards the genre of House music. Though it was not the first ever album to do so, ‘Cold House’ was the first album that I  heard that mixed electronica so well with guitar songs and it was a defining influence on me ever since. Journeys into Hood’s large back catalogue proved to be just as exciting with their sound constantly shifting and evolving from lo-fi beginnings. For the covers e.p.  I chose the song ‘You Show No Emotion At All’ from ‘Cold House.’ A massive thank you to Lisa Waldron for her vocals and Andrew Smith for his accordion playing. The e.p. is downloadable from the French blog Autures Directions and features E.L. Heath, The Toy library, My Autumn Empire and Part Timer.


Orrery out today!

It’s a grand day for me today because my debut album ‘Orrery’ is finally out. It’s available on CD, high quality mp3’s or Apple lossless audio files from the First Fold Records site. It’s also available to stream so you can try before you buy. A massive thank you to all at First Fold Records for making this possible and to anyone who supports my music!


  1. Alpaca
  2. Bedsidde
  3. Willowwacks
  4. F-Trans
  5. Reframing Things
  6. Hippocampus
  7. Cycling Canals
  8. Lin
  9. Maths Textbook
  10. Little Bird (w/Lisa Waldron)
  11. In Pink + Black Shells

Artwork by Gareth Courage, mastered by Tom Slater.

HuWho album review

Here’s a wonderful first review of ‘Orrery’ ahead of its release on June 11th through First Fold records. HuWho are Sheffield  (via Manchester) based electronic promoters/ intrepid  bloggers.

Domestic City interview

This is an interview I did for Ross Cotton’s Domestic City blog. Ross has just produced his own fanzine called ‘There’s Something in the Water‘ which focuses on the often overlooked electronica scene in Birmingham around the mid 90’s with bands such as Broadcast, Plone and Pram at the centre. It’s a fascinating and beautifully illustrated zine which is available in and around Birmingham city centre or you may be able to grab a copy by sending him a message through his blog direct.