Field Harmonics Remix

Field Harmonics is the moniker of Epic 45’s Rob Glover who makes excellent 80’s inspired electro-pop whilst retaining a current sound. This is a remix I did for him which appears on his release ‘Happenstance (Remixes)’ EP,  available from Bandcamp or iTunes.

Halftribe Mix

I’m on this nice ambient mix by a fellow called Halftribe.

00’00 Tara Putra – Interplanetary Dub Express
06’13 Exist Strategy – Hidden Love
10’33 Wabz – Mt Martha
14’43 Need A Name – Sadness Will Be An Old Memory
19’14 Quint – City Awakens/Countryside
27’31 Chill Carrier – Out There
30’23 Oathless – Summer Haze
35’00 ESSÁY – Lyla
39’54 Arc Vel – Reframing Things
42’00 Anteatereater – Untitled
45’25 Tülpa – Alpha & Omega
49’33 Possimiste – The Flight Of Lulu

Download my LP for FREE!

Sadly, First Fold Records have gone on hiatus. As a label it was an absolute pleasure to work with such creative and talented artists (the drawy kind), musicians (the noisy kind) and good hearted people (the best kind). I’m forever grateful to them for putting out my album ‘Orrery’ last year. I’ve decided, as have other artists on the label, to put my album up as a free download. You can get a link to the mp3 album zip through my facebook here, just click on the ‘Free Downloads!’ icon. Thanks, please share and enjoy!Fold Symbol Logo Texture


Rubbing happiness into other people’s faces through the medium of the internet is generally something I abhor, so i’ll make this short…ish. 2012 has been a good year for me mainly thanks to all at First Fold Records and in particular Stuart Tongue and Ben Sadler for putting their support in me and releasing my album. I’ve also had the good fortune to play some great shows due to some excellent promoters out there, including the local Dons who consistently keep Birmingham on the map in style. Before this post descends further into sentimental splurging, I will end saying a sincere thank you to anyone who has listened and supported my music or came to see me play this year. I think i’m working on an e.p. or something new for next year so I hope to see you again in 2013, have a great new year!

New releases form First Fold

Two brand new releases from the First Fold label are due out this December. ‘She is Transmitter’ an e.p. by Papa November who takes dark electronica and permeates it with a hypnotic dub  sound, coupled with live drums and bass, is out December 10th. The second release ‘Archeology’ by Amonism journeys through mysterious and haunting soundscapes with spacious piano and violin,  influenced by the artist’s work in theatre sound design. Both releases will be available to purchase through the First Fold site, iTunes and Amazon.


Orrery Review

Here’s a recent review of Orrery lifted from God is in the TV site; many thanks to the reviewer. (Disclaimer:- I have never listened to any of the 90’s acts mentioned)

‘First up from Arc Vel, entitled ‘Orrery’ this eleven track multi genre bending suite is the work of Paul Wood a UK based electro alchemist whose application of mood, atmosphere and ear candy arrangements appears second to none. Now in the dim and dancey mists of time we used to get sent shed loads of stuff like this from the once ridiculously loved rednetic and smallfish imprints – sadly both appear of late to have gone into hiding though fear not we’ve placed missing in action requests and expect to hear news shortly. I mention this because in the initial moments of ‘orrery’ there’s a healthy nod towards a 90’s club culture, schooled no doubt in the aural artistry of techno / house godfathers the future sound of London, 808 state (especially on ‘maths textbook’ which its oceanic cascades and locomotif rhythmic squirreling) and Biosphere et al not least on the opening cuts ‘alpaca’ and ‘bedsidde’ the latter sumptuously caressed in a lilting framing of oriental charms and demurred cosmic flotillas of orbiting swirls, Wood smothers and arrests his sonic solitudes in starry eyed shimmers of feel good effervescence with the result that these milky mosaics pulsate, pop and purr to interlope seductively with serene sophistication. Best viewed in an after hours setting ‘orrery’ provides for a gloriously Technicolor headphonic trip, the melodies smooth, sleek and spacious translate a mesmeric transcendental calm – best experienced on the smokily mooched murmur of ‘LIN’. Here you’ll find the glitch tripped frost framed moonage of ‘f-trans’ impishly piloting the cosmic heavens while subtly channelling and powering itself on the tail smoke of Cornelius contrasting considerably with the divinely lonesome hollowing pastoral ache of ‘reframing things’ itself deftly eyeing a shy eyed and head bowed Vini Reilly back catalogue. Elsewhere there’s a genteel Balearic afterglow coursing throughout ‘Hippocampus’ as it tripwires and mutates upon a 360° axis to blossom into a sweetly delectable funky bruiser. That said matters take up a more intimate and introspective persona for the latter half, the yearning crystal tipped emerging with the assistance of Lisa Waldron on guest vocals who opining to serve some misty eyed folk magic dust is sat precariously atop a chattering collage of tripping beats and noodling wizardry.’

Component #4 remix

So, I’ve been keeping myself busy in the wake of releasing Orrery, remixing a handful of friend’s music which will all see the light of day in some format or another. The first one up is a remix of  Component #4‘s ‘Some (W)hole’ on the Wayside and Woodland Recordings label.  Component #4’s E.P. ‘Barbed Wire Sunday’ is out now on 12inch vinyl and digital and combines stern synths, minimal beats and melodies all inspired by the architecture on a recent trip to Berlin. The vinyl, available from Norman Records, comes with a download code for a remixed version of the E.P. which includes my own and other artist’s remixes.